About SAAC - Board Member Ravi Reddy headshot

With so much turmoil in the world, we need art ever more for its life-affirming and enriching effects. We are fortunate to be surrounded by so much South Asian art in San Diego, a fact little known to most people in our community. I joined the SAAC because of its mission to increase awareness and appreciation of the rich and diverse arts of the Indian subcontinent.


Ravinder Reddy, MD, is a retired psychiatrist, author, teacher, and collector.

He has been deeply interested in many aspects of Indian art, with particular interest in iconography. Over the course of four decades, his collecting focus has included Kushan numismatics, medieval sculpture focusing on Shiva iconography, and early maps depicting the Indian subcontinent, and arms and armour of the region, with an emphasis on South India. In 2018 he published Arms & Armour of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka: Types, Decoration & Symbolism.

He is also docent at the San Diego Museum of Art, where he has taught about South Asian art.