About SAAC - Board Member Sandi Calabough headshot


Sandi Calabough is a member of the AAC (Asian Arts Council) & SAAC. Her interest in Asian art comes from her mother growing up in Java, more than 2 years living in Korea & not enough travel through Asia.

She was introduced to SAAC when it was CAIS, and enjoyed the lectures and trips she went on with then-Chair, Jas Grewal. Walk-through explanations of the Binney Art Collection rotations made the miniature art come alive for her. Sandi became connected with the Board when she and Niti Verma created the CAIS website in the summer of 2015. She updated the website until her office was remodeled. Sandi has been living the joys of remodeling since then. Her daughter’s wedding was this summer, so there are hopes for travel, lectures and dancing in her future.